Weekly Email 8.8.2021

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34,865 Thank You Illustrations & Clip Art - iStockThank you to the parents who signed up to help with some recent at-home project work!!

I am still looking for a parent willing to be our main classroom coordinator. If you would like some more information regarding that volunteer position to see if it is a good fit, please contact Heather Warren.

“My name is Heather Warren and I am the Parent/Teacher coordinator. We will be holding a training session in early September to provide information on what it means to be in the classroom and how the best way to help the teachers. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, you can email me at heaz061198@gmail.com  

Beginning of the Year Assessments/Benchmarks

So far the kids have been doing a good job during assessments. Please encourage them to continue trying their best.

We have completed the NWEA M.A.P. assessments, and are now are completing the one-on-one to check on letter name/sound recognition, counting, shapes and number recognition and writing. The kids have been trying hard to use their whisper voices during testing time.

Communication’s Folder

Please remember to send the green communications/homework folder to school each day. Please return any items on the left side of the folder and empty out all the papers on the right side of the folder. The right side of the folder has any work completed in class and for half-day students work missed that needs to be completed. Work completed at home does not need to be sent back to me, but a parent should review for accuracy and make sure their child understands and corrects any mistakes.



Nut Free School | St. Werburgh's Park We are a nut free school, so please be careful to not send any snack or lunch items with nuts!!