Weekly Email 8.2.21

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I am so happy and proud of all the kids hard work the first three days of school!!

The kids learned how to push in chairs, get in line, walk quietly in line in the hallway. They also learned how to use the bathroom pass with reminders to flush and wash hands. They learned how to write their name on their work, how to turn in their work. Where to get crayons and also put them back. They also learned about sharing and where our class puzzles, Legos and other building pieces belong. Thursday the students learned how to use the glue sticks properly. Friday they learned how to use scissors with their thumbs up, elbow tucked in. And finally, on Friday, they got to learn how to use their dry erase marker, white boards and how to work quietly.


This week starts our beginning of the year assessments/benchmarks!!

Please make sure your child is getting to bed on time and eating a healthy, hearty breakfast. 

Students will be taking assessments in reading and math via an Ipad using the NWEA M.A.P. software. I will be showing the kids this video to introduce the assessment: https://vimeo.com/301935773 (copy and paste into your browser).

Click on this link to learn more information regarding the NWEA M.A.P. test: parent-guide 

They will also meet with me one-on-one to check on letter name/sound recognition, counting, shapes and number recognition and writing.  The results will be shared with parents at our first parent teacher conference in October